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The most precious gemstones -you must have in your collection

The most precious gemstones -you must have in your collection

Gemstones are one of the most precious elements extracted from the earth. They belong to the depths of the earth and thus are believed to possess core energies and aura of the universe. Where some gemstones are meant to enhance positivity the others ensure well being and happiness of the bearers.

In context of the Vedic astrology, gemstones possesses great significance. Mainly, vedic astrology has believed that gemstones are the most useful way to help a man liberate from the problems blasphemed by the planets.

In the present times, the use of gemstones to take benefit of the planetary relieves have been greatly prevalent. It is so because, gemstones have proved to help various men from all fields in achieving success and combating all sorts of hinderenced related to business, health, education, etc.

 Here, we have listed the three most precious gemstones of all which you must owe.

  1. Ruby -

Ruby is one of the most widely acclaimed gemstone. This gemstone derives its power from the sun. The major effect of this stone’s energy over its subject helps him or her in enhancing their smartness, activity, social esteem, and allows the person a rejuvenated confidence and a sense of freedom. The energy of the stone also helps the bearer in combating various illnesses and health issues such as problems related to vision. indigestion, and headaches.

Ruby ensures for its subject enormous prestige and success. Nonetheless, the wearer of this stone is also always free of abnormalities, diseases, and tensions.

     2. Sapphire -

                The Blue sapphire is one of the most effective gemstone. The stone is the representation of the  saturn planet. In regards to the vedic astrology, saturn is the planet related to the karmic deeds of a person. The impact of the planet on n individuals life can have massive impact. This stone, The blue sapphire, also known as ‘Neelam’ can calm the effects of the repercussions caused to an individual. The blue sapphire is one of the most protective stones. The stone offers the protection from evil powers, bad luck, enemies etc. It also allows a person a state of mental clarity, and decision making power. It helps the individual the ability to achieve name, prosperity, and reputation.

     3. Pink Tourmaline -

Pink Tourmaline is one of the most beautiful gemstone. Moreover, it is indeed the most appropriate gemstone for women.  The stone helps in balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of a women’s personality. The energy of the stone also enables the bearer to achieve empowerment and unleash the true potential of its being. The color of the stone varies from deep red to pale pink. The texture of the stone may also vary from transparent to opaque. 

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