The City of Gemstones – Jaipur

The Pink City of India and the capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur
There is one more manner in which the world recognizes this city. Jaipur is also known as the city of gemstones. With a history filled with vigor of royal clans, warriors, hill forts, and artistic valor; the city is renowned to be the hub of gemstone manufacturing. Jaipur’s gemology is one among its various artistic excellences which includes blue pottery, royal wears, tie & dye scarves, etc. Moreover, the architecture and designing of the entire city is a mesmerizing outcome of its artistic & royal culture.

Jaipur was founded by Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727 AD. The planning and designing of the city was done by a hem employed architect from Bengal named Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya. The planning of the city was based on the teachings of an ancient treaty on architecture called the ‘ShilpShastra’. , In this city you can experience the royal history of India coming back to life. Surrounded and protected by sky high forts, embellished with pink color of royalty, and adorned by the bustling markets which depict art & heritage in every way; this city is sure to mesmerize your senses and leave you awestruck.

The interest of Jaipur’s artisans in gemology can be backed by the fact that relates to the civilization of the city. The Pink city was planned and designed in accordance to the nine pattern grid which carried numerous astrological influences.

The markets of the pink city are as well the second largest hub of gemstone exporters and dealers in the world. From Rajasthan’s gems to its lovely charm, the city lays plethora of reasons to attract tourists and gemstone traders.


About Jaipur’s Gemology Culture:

The gemstone industry exists in Jaipur for more than 300 years. Numerous precious and semi-precious gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Citrine, Amethyst, Moon Stone, Tourmaline, etc. are being crafted by the hands of experienced and skilled labor of Jaipur for years. The skill and effort of the gem artisans of Jaipur goes into ensuring that the stone they craft may possess the demeanor fit for modern contemporary gemstone jewelry as well as it may be expressive of the royal heritage and culture.

These traits of the artisans and the history of gemology makes Jaipur the world’s biggest hub of gemstone’s craft, polishing, and manufacturing. The heat of this artistic framework lies in the gullies of the Johari Bazar of Jaipur. So, if you happen to ponder in the gemstone market of Jaipur in search of the most finely crafted gemstones, we are sure to host you at our door step.