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The Prominent Healing Crystal:Quartz

The Prominent Healing Crystal:Quartz

The history of the use of quartz for its healing powers has been incredibly profound over the many years.  Quartz is known to be a significant part of various cultural believes. It is also noted as the base of origin of numerous other semi-precious stones such as amethyst.

The quartz crystal is a compound of oxygen and silicone. However, many a times, the stone is noted to possess traces of varied metals and minerals. That is how the stone develops a range of colors. Quartz is available in all the colors of the rainbow. It is also found in smoky red and rose pink colors. Nevertheless, to top the beauty of all, the primary clear quartz is the most demanded and known.

These clear crystals are popular of plethora of uses specially, as a healing stone.

Here is a guide to understanding the optimum nature of quartz crystal in order to determine their effective powers of healing.

Quartz are highly soothing stones, which possess healing powers to improve physical and psychic conditions. Thence, quartz is also known as the master healing and cleansing crystals. It is capable of absorbing the energy of any given state and heals the ones which needs purifying. To state certain prominent uses of the healing stone –

  •   Quartz has a splendid effect on a human’s emotional range. Thus, if you are suffering emotional imbalance, Quartz is a stone you can rely on.
  •   Primarily, Quartz help in the strengthening process of a person’s aura. This way, the energies of the stone help you regain emotional balance by relieving your body of stress and laid-back-ness.
  •   Quartz is also extremely helpful in cases of physical healing.
  •   In the phase of sickness or ill health, the positive energies of the stone helps in resilient control of the body’s physical energy.
  •   For a long time, Quartz has been used to treat medical problems such as headaches, vertigo, excessive weight, migraine, deprivation of energy, etc.
  •   During ancient ages, quartz crystals were used to treat burns and cuts. People used to apply the stone over the injured part of the body to experience the healing powers as the stone eased the pain.

For everybody, the inclusion of quartz crystals in life can be readily beneficial. Especially, if a person is suffering problems such as emotional exhaustion, tiredness, imbalance of emotions and thoughts, or generic dullness then this stone can help to elevate our spirits.

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