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3 Most Amazing Gemstones

3 Most Amazing Gemstones

1)      Emerald–


Emeralds has always been one of the most astonishing and celebrated gemstones in the history of humankind. This lush green colored stone is the birthstone of people born in May. It derives it name from the Greek language where the word means ‘a green stone’.

Emerald is a green color precious gemstone.

The appearance of emerald is mesmerizingly lustrous and shiny. Since ages, people have said in the praise of the emerald stone that its look symbolizes a magnificent and extraordinary power of the universe. Moreover, the stone’s distinctive characteristics and properties are the proof of the above said.


The energies of the stone are said to be associated with Venus. Thence, the stone is believed to enhance the wearer’s wisdom and intellect. Nonetheless, love, attraction, and prosperity are three figurative states related to the features of the Venus. In regards to that, wearing an Emerald strengthens romantic relationships and financial prospects.


2)      Fluorite –


Fluorite appears to be translucent or transparent. It is build-up of calcium fluoride.

There a wide range of colors in which this stone is found. Starting from purple and ranging up to yellow. However, mostly the most commonly found fluorite stones are colorless. 

Fluorite Gemstones

The beauty of this stone makes it one of the most admirable and treasurable crystals. Its appearance is undeniably vibrant and appears to be a layer of soft glass. The vibrancy of this stone is capable of making a man more organized and disciplined. 


It also enables emotional, mental, and physical strengths to people to deal with various challenges of work and life. 


3)      Tourmaline –


The birthstone for October born, Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone. It was in late 1600s when the stone was first discovered. The history of tourmaline began on Italy’s west coast.


The name of the gemstone is derived from a ‘turmali’. It is a Sinhalese word which was a generic title given to colored crystals found in Sri Lanka.

If we are to mention the physical properties of tourmaline, notably it is, Boron containing Silicate stone.


Tourmaline is said to be the gemstone which possess the greatest variety of colors. In context to every color on the spectrum of tourmaline, each stone has a unique identity and name. What remain common among all tourmaline stones are their specific spiritual powers.


It is a stone which builds a sense of compassion, calm, and reconciliation for a human being. It is said to radiate energy to attract wealth, positive relationships, and disciplined commitment towards one’s goals.

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