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The Benefits of the Onyx Semi-Precious Gemstone

The Benefits of the Onyx Semi-Precious Gemstone

In the list of the most unique gemstones, Onyx would surely hold the first position. The stone is a particular type of the chalcedony stone. This stone can be found in a range of colors from white to black. The two most prominent colors of the Onyx stone are Blue and Green.

The ruler of the stone is the plant mercury. Onyx is meant to possess exceptional healing properties.  It is a prominent stone which is believed to relieve its wearer from any sort of mental or health issues.

Healing Properties of the Onyx Stone:


  • For ages, people believe that the stone is capable of relieving its wearer from a variety of health issues whether they are related to a mental or physical disorder.

  • In the ancient times, the stone was used a strong protective shield against ill-spirits and dark magic.

  • It possesses healing properties to strengthen both the soul and the mind of the bearer.

  • The magnificent colors and luster of the stone makes it a popular jewelry stone.  It can elegantly be worn in a beautiful pendant or ring.

  • The stone is believed to enhance the love and compassion in a relationship. It accounts to be the perfect gift to offer to your partner on your seventh or thirteenth anniversary.

  • The energy of the stone helps in increasing the stamina, flourishes self-confidence, and nourishes the self-esteem of the wearer.

  • Other than that, the mercurial properties of the stone are great demolishers of gloominess and negative energies.

  • The wearer of onyx develops an enhanced decision making skills


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    Vikas Chordia
    Nov 1, 2019

    Thanks for sharing information. Very good post, I love to read about gemstones.

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