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All about Gemstones: Citrine Gemstone

All about Gemstones: Citrine Gemstone

Citrine is the birthstone of people born in the month of November. Popularly, it is also suggested to scorpions to possess a citrine stone because it favors their zodiac sign.

For the stone, the word citrine was derived from a Latin word – ‘Citrina’. The particular meaning of the word is ‘Yellow’. A relative derivative of the word lies in the French vocabulary too. It is called ‘Citron’ and it means ‘Lemon’.

The citrine stone is said to be the sun stone and believed to be capable of holding the power of the sun light.

Characteristics of Citrine:


The citrine stone belongs to the quartz family of gemstones. The stone is considered to be a prominent symbol of integrity, clarity, and health.

The hardness of the stone is measured at 10 Mohs on the Mohs scale of 10.

You can find a range of shades of color of the citrine stone. Commonly, the stone is found in colors which lie in the spectrum of lemon yellow to golden brown.

Healing Properties of Citrine:


  •   The stone is known to help in energizing and cleansing the wearer’s aura.
  •   This stunning gemstone is capable of attracting opportunities and wealth. It is a diligent enhancer of health and prosperity too.
  •   Citrine is known to complement and heighten the intelligence of the wearer.
  •   Its powers stimulate the brain and helps in curing problems such as depression and anger.
  •   If a person has a phobia of something then, wearing citrine gemstone can help him/her fight the related fears.

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